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How it Works

The Fact is that if You are a serious Internet Marketer, You need to be subscribed to several different Mailers to promote Your websites.

It is also true that when You have a few subscription to list builders and Viral Mailers, your Mailbox gets flooded with hundreds new emails every day.

IncrediMailer works pretty much like every other Viral Mailer..Apparently :o)

The signup, login and email send processes are exactly the same as all the other hundreds Viral Mailers that you see around.

It is also featured with several different extra plug-ins as some other Mailers.

What does make IncrediMailer Different from ALL the other Viral Mailers is the Sending Process. IncrediMailer does NOT send out emails to email accounts!

Furthermore, our email opening system is totally different from other mailers that have the on site email reading feature. Our system let members click on the subject and open the full email body, before letting them to the surf page so that increases the chances your emails are read by other Members!!

The Big Advantages of using IncrediMailer

Besides IncrediMailer, there are two different types of Viral Mailers:
  1. The Mailers that send emails to email accounts and do NOT have the ability to read emails from the member area.
  2. The Mailers that send emails to email accounts and DO have the ability to read emails from the member area.

As You can see in both cases, You get email accounts flooded with dozens emails every day.

Additionally, even the Mailers that let members read emails directly on their site have a system that just show the subject of other members emails (and your emails too!).

Actually when You read emails from the member area of other viral mailers, You only see the subject of the emails - NOT the BODY - so finally your emails will NOT be read!

IncrediMailer has changed all this!

Now with IncrediMailer:
  1. Your Email account will not be flooded with emails every Day
  2. You don't have to search for IncrediMailer emails in your MailBox
  3. You don't have to look if our emails have fallen in the SPAM folder
  4. Never Miss an Email sent from IncrediMailer
  5. Read Emails and send them from ONE Single place
  6. You can read emails send by other members in full
  7. Increase the chances your emails will get read by other Members!

Other Mailers IncrediMailer
Increase the chances your emails get read
Read others emails in full in member area
Subject click will open email Body
Free Paid Membership
Avoid Filling Your Email Account with Emails
Stop Looking for emails in mailbox
Stop checking for emails in spam folder

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